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  • Do you snore?
  • Have you ever had a sleep study?
  • Have you ever been prescribed or worn a CPAP machine?
  • Do you wake up tired or with headaches?
  • Do you have high blood pressure? Diabetic or pre-diabetic?
  • Are you drowsy during the day?
  • If you answered YES, you'll be happy to know that relief is just a simple phone call away!


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I was referred to Dr. Hoffer by a friend who learned of his expertise in helping patients suffering from sleep apnea. I had been using an awkward and cumbersome CPAP machine since being diagnosed by my physician. After seeing Dr. Hoffer, I was fitted with an oral apnea appliance and no longer require the CPAP machine. The appliance is easy to use and small enough to fit in my handbag. I am now able to travel without issue and am enjoying my life again!

- Loretta, Smithtown NY

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Feel free to phone the office for information about scheduling a sleep apnea evaluation and in-home sleep study.

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Sleep apnea appliances are covered by most Medical Insurance Plans with little or no out-of-pocket costs to the patient.

Suffolk Sleep Solutions

222 Middle Country Road

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Smithtown NY 11787 


Suffolk Sleep Solutions  |  222 Middle Country Road  | Smithtown NY 11787

​Dr. Harry Hoffer specializes in apnea dentistry solutions and is proud to be helping patients improve both their health and lifestyle.  Read More

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Apnea literally means "want of breath." In episodes of obstructive sleep apnea, the tongue collapses at the back of the throat during sleep, resulting in an airflow reduction of 80-100% for at least 10 seconds. Hypopnea is a 30-80% reduction in airflow for at least 10 seconds accompanied by a drop in blood oxygen of 3-4%.  Apneas and hypopneas terminate with arousal. Patients often awaken gasping and chocking. These conditions are not only disruptive to sleep, but also cause health risks such as heart attack, stroke and more.   Learn More

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